Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, below is a compilation of basic troubleshooting procedures that you can try if you are experiencing problems while redeeming your voucher:

If you are using a Smartphone/ Apple/ Mac computer, REDEMPTION WILL NOT WORK WITH SAFARI BROWSER, please go to a PC computer and use INTERNET EXPLORER. Or install Google Chrome browser or Firefox Browser on your Apple/ Mac computers. Thank You.

Shipping and handling charge is per each voucher entered.

If an invalid voucher code message is displayed, it means one of the following:

  • The voucher codes have not been uploaded to our system yet. Please check back in 24 hours to redeem.
  • The voucher code provided is incorrect. Please contact the Daily Deal site you purchased the voucher from to make sure it is correct.
  • If 24 hours has passed and your codes are not working and you have contacted the Daily Deal site, please email

If you did not receive an order confirmation from us AND a payment receipt from PayPal, your order is not complete.

  • Please check your spam folder for an order confirmation email
  • Your credit card did not get charged. Please resubmit your voucher again as the payment processing server may have timed out the transaction.

If you are receiving an error message about disabled cookies, first, refresh your browser. If this does not work, please make sure your cookies are enabled on your browser. Click here on how to refresh your browser or here on how to enable cookies.

If you are experiencing a white screen while redeeming your voucher, your order is not complete, click here and please try redeeming your voucher again.

If you have issues entering information such as First Name or Last Name in the form below, click here and please try redeeming your voucher again.

If none of the above work, please try using another PC or Laptop (mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are known to cause these issues).

If you are still having issues with redeeming your vouchers, please contact us

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